Thank you!

One part of the stationery that was quite important to me, was the Thank You cards that I wanted to send out after the wedding. Every single article/blog post/how to etc I got my hands on emphasised the importance of sending thank you notes to your guests after the wedding. I totally agree!


I had specially asked our photographer for some photos we could use for our thank you postcard. I made the bunting and had an image in my mind of what I wanted.


The front of the card was a photo (by Jeanette) and the back was a design following the theme of the rest of the stationery from the wedding of course:




I had the cards printed on a 250g stock, we wrote personalised notes to each of our guests, thanking them for sharing our special day, and thanking them for their specific gift (we had made a list when we opened our gifts the next day – thanks Ros for your help with this!). Stamps were bought, and the cards were posted, old school!

Lots of guests mentioned to me how fun it was to get something like this in the post. I think it’s really important to send out thank you’s… and they took us about an hour to write out – which is not very much time at all!



Even if you can’t afford personalised thank you cards, take the time to write a little note and pop it in the post, or even an email or sms… you can’t put a price on good manners :p




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The Photo Corner

We hired The Photo Corner for a few hours as entertainment on our wedding day. We had been to another wedding and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it, so it was a must for us!

(as always, click to enlarge photos)





I would really recommend hiring them for a function – it is loads of fun, and everyone gets a printed strip of photos to take home!


TIP: I would recommend making a list of people that you want to go into the booth with you – your wedding day is crazy and flies by… before I knew it the allocated time for the photobooth was up, and we (Peter and I) hadn;t even been into it! So we arranged for an extra hour… which flew past… and I never went into the booth with either of my parents, or my sister…. which kind of sucks :( so, Brides, please make a list, print it out, and pop it in your groom’s suit pocket, or give it to your BM or your wedding planner to keep safe and arrange to get the photos you want!


*more pics on the GALLERY page*

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Wedding Photos

A little while ago I received FIVE DVD’s full of photos from our awesome wedding photographer, Jeanette Verster
After spending ages going throught them and her online client gallery, I’ve picked out a few of my favourites (tricky as there were over 1000 fabulous images!)
I’ve popped them in a gallery here.

I just want to say a huge thank you to Jeanette. Her quality of the photos is excellent, her service is great, she is friendly, bubbly and unobtrusive when she needs to be. Her work is great!! I highly recommend her for weddings, as well as lifestyle family photoshoots – you won’t regret hiring her!

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Back from Paradise

We’re back!

We had an amazing time… just perfect!




Definitely recommended!

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We are on honeymoon! After missing our flight!!! *wail*
made it here four hours later than we shoul have, but we made it.
Arrived on wednesday night… Thursday was spent on the beach getting ridiculously sunburnt!! Friday was spent on the beach and poolside covered in sunscreen… A little too late!

Having a great time… Will blog photos when we home, didnt bring a laptop with us!

Happy weekend!


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In a previous post, Angel asked about the engravings inside out wedding bands…

We had the wedding bands made by the same guy who made my engagement ring… Ryan’s Jewellery Studio – he operates from Bedfordview.

Tanya’s choice on Peter’s wedding band:


“I wanted to use a phrase that was part of the wedding day – either from our vows, or from a song used during the wedding. Peter chose the song for our First Dance. I didn’t really want to do a first dance, but he insisted, and he chose the song… Two is Better than One by Boys like Girls featuring Taylor Swift. We both love the band Boys like Girls, and the song is really pretty. So I decided to use the song title in his ring:

Two is Better than One.”

PS read more about the other songs at the wedding here



Peter’s choice on Tanya’s wedding band:


“I wanted to use something that was not to cheesy and that would mean something to Tanya. So after a few weeks of googling, and reading loads of crazy engravings like ‘boobo loves pumpkin’ I opted for the less is more approach. I tried to use the saying in my speech as well so it would at least be a reminder of our wedding day.

All I need is you,

is a reminder to Tanya, that no matter what happens the good and the bad all I really need in life is her.”




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