I am a bit stumped for ideas for the bonbonniere’s … you know, the little gifts on the tables for the guests… back in the 80′s, a net bag with a few pink & white sugar coated almonds were a standard… I’ve gotten my fair share of rather boring bonbonniere’s! I don’t want to give […]

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Sparkly Stuff!

Girls love sparkly stuff right!   Ever since I first tried on wedding dresses (read here and here) and got an idea of what I wanted, I have been on the lookout for something very VERY specific – jewellery-wise. I’ve searched EVERY shop in Fourways Mall and Brooklyn – and various places inbetween and didn’t […]

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What’s Marriage Really Like?

Had a smile at this article posted on The Nest this morning.   What’s Marriage Really Like? Nesties share what they’ve learned about each other over time — and what they wish they’d known from the get-go. My favourite item was this one: I wish I knew how many snacks he ate. His stomach takes […]

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Flowers and Decor

This morning I went to see a mock-up of the flowers and table decor! Thank you so much to my wedding co-ordinator Angel, and my “wedding person” and designer, and Snoo friend, Michelle for coming with me I was allowed to take photos of the table and the various floral goodies they made for me, […]

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Ante Nuptials explained

Last week we went for our first consultation with our lawyer to start drawing up our Ante Nuptial Contract…   It was a very quick and painless experience, and she explained everything to us in very simple English. An ANC is not just for in case of a divorce, it is very important to have […]

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What did that cost!??!

Was browsing The Knot site this morning, and one of their latest articles is “Bad Wedding Etiquette Comebacks“. I had a good giggle at the answer to the question “How much did that cost?” … -> “It cost me an arm and my fiancĂ© a leg — next week we’re going in for surgery together. […]

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