Trying on more dresses

Yesterday, my mom and I went to Morgan & Brown in Lonehill to have a look and try on some more dresses. First off, we were both blown away by how tiny the shop is!! It is quite ridiculous! Especially after visiting Bride and Co a few weeks ago which was MASSIVE! Anyway, we had […]

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This weekend we had a “Wedding Meeting” … Peter and I threw some ideas around and spoke about various aspects of the wedding… One thing we are both  a bit stuck on is the music/entertainment. We’re having a Sunday morning wedding – so a whole DJ party vibe seems a bit wrong? We’re also not […]

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So, I went to try on dresses

On Tuesday I went to try on wedding dresses, with my friend (and “wedding person”) Michelle as moral support I had an appointment with Lerato at Bride&Co in Pretoria. Got there, and filled in a form with all my details… Michelle and I both had a giggle at Lerato’s most insincere “Congratulations on your engagement” […]

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