In a previous post, Angel asked about the engravings inside out wedding bands…

We had the wedding bands made by the same guy who made my engagement ring… Ryan’s Jewellery Studio – he operates from Bedfordview.

Tanya’s choice on Peter’s wedding band:


“I wanted to use a phrase that was part of the wedding day – either from our vows, or from a song used during the wedding. Peter chose the song for our First Dance. I didn’t really want to do a first dance, but he insisted, and he chose the song… Two is Better than One by Boys like Girls featuring Taylor Swift. We both love the band Boys like Girls, and the song is really pretty. So I decided to use the song title in his ring:

Two is Better than One.”

PS read more about the other songs at the wedding here



Peter’s choice on Tanya’s wedding band:


“I wanted to use something that was not to cheesy and that would mean something to Tanya. So after a few weeks of googling, and reading loads of crazy engravings like ‘boobo loves pumpkin’ I opted for the less is more approach. I tried to use the saying in my speech as well so it would at least be a reminder of our wedding day.

All I need is you,

is a reminder to Tanya, that no matter what happens the good and the bad all I really need in life is her.”




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6 Responses to “Engravings”

  1. Ingrid Deville says:

    Tears in my eyes – so much of sweetness …

  2. Ros says:

    you two are so lush!

  3. alidaonline says:

    Aw you guys are so sweet.

  4. Sharon says:

    Oh man that is so sweet!!

  5. Angel says:

    *hand placed theatrically over my heart as I sigh over the romance*
    So beautiful!

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