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We played a lot of The Beatles at our wedding reception… the reason for this? Our wedding date, 9/10/11 is John Lennon’s birthday! He would have been 71! I thought it was a nice little nod to him!

Other songs we used throughout the day:

Walking into the Chapel: Your Call by Secondhand Serenade.

I think this song is just so romantic, and it has ALWAYS given me goosebumps when I hear it! The line in the chorus “I was born to tell you I love you” literally melts me everytime! I love it!



Exiting the Chapel to Greet our guests after the ceremony: Happy Together by The Dollyrots – this song is a cover of The Turtle song.

Such a fun, happy song. My brother and his wife played the original as their first dance at their wedding (about 15 years ago!!). I love cover bands, and I love punk girlbands like The Dollyrots… such a fun song!


Our First Dance: Two is Better than One by Boys like Girls ft. Taylor Swift.
I really didn;t want to do a first dance – as both Peter and I have the dance co-ordination of a dead fish. But Peter insisted we do one, so I insisted he choose the song, and this is what he chose… We both love Boys like Girls and this is such a pretty song. In the end, I think we did pretty well, and it wasn’t as awful as I had anticipated! :p


Cake Cutting: Dear Bobbie by Yellowcard
I think this song is really sweet and romantic too. It’s a man singing to his wife about their long lives together, and how they met many many many years ago. He sings about how beautiful she was back then, and how beautiful she still is, even though she is in a rocking chair and her hair is silver. “When I die, then I die loving you” – brings tears to my eyes – so romantic!


Last Dance: Island in the Sun by Weezer

Chilled, laid back – and about an island in the sun we’re playing and having fun… basically a “Bye, we’re going on Honeymoon!” … we actually danced to this song, with the few stragglers left at the wedding. Peter loves Weezer and really wanted a song of their’s in the wedding, and this one fitted perfectly!

The majority of these songs are not the run of the mill wedding songs, or even common songs – in fact, I had to email some of them to our DJ as they didn’t have them, and couldn;t find them. Peter and I both like music that you don’t typically hear on any radio stations, and is generally a bit different. We picked these songs as they are some of our favourites… and now they mean even more to us!

What were the song choices you made for your wedding, and why did you choose them?

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