The Photo Corner

We hired The Photo Corner for a few hours as entertainment on our wedding day. We had been to another wedding and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it, so it was a must for us!

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I would really recommend hiring them for a function – it is loads of fun, and everyone gets a printed strip of photos to take home!


TIP: I would recommend making a list of people that you want to go into the booth with you – your wedding day is crazy and flies by… before I knew it the allocated time for the photobooth was up, and we (Peter and I) hadn;t even been into it! So we arranged for an extra hour… which flew past… and I never went into the booth with either of my parents, or my sister…. which kind of sucks :( so, Brides, please make a list, print it out, and pop it in your groom’s suit pocket, or give it to your BM or your wedding planner to keep safe and arrange to get the photos you want!


*more pics on the GALLERY page*

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  1. Angel says:

    I didn’t spend near enough time in my photobooth either! I’m still kicking myself!

  2. Angel says:

    Please tell me what you’re using to load more than one gallery on a page!?

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