Thank you!

One part of the stationery that was quite important to me, was the Thank You cards that I wanted to send out after the wedding. Every single article/blog post/how to etc I got my hands on emphasised the importance of sending thank you notes to your guests after the wedding. I totally agree!


I had specially asked our photographer for some photos we could use for our thank you postcard. I made the bunting and had an image in my mind of what I wanted.


The front of the card was a photo (by Jeanette) and the back was a design following the theme of the rest of the stationery from the wedding of course:




I had the cards printed on a 250g stock, we wrote personalised notes to each of our guests, thanking them for sharing our special day, and thanking them for their specific gift (we had made a list when we opened our gifts the next day – thanks Ros for your help with this!). Stamps were bought, and the cards were posted, old school!

Lots of guests mentioned to me how fun it was to get something like this in the post. I think it’s really important to send out thank you’s… and they took us about an hour to write out – which is not very much time at all!



Even if you can’t afford personalised thank you cards, take the time to write a little note and pop it in the post, or even an email or sms… you can’t put a price on good manners :p




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  1. Angel says:

    Okay okay! Don’t rub it in!
    I loved mine BTW!

  2. Wayne says:

    Lucky I remembered the banner, eh!!
    Thank you for such a lovely day!

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