Bridal Expo at Oakfield Farm

This past weekend, Oakfield held their annual Bridal Expo

I was pretty keen to go, since I heard about it last year… mostly it was an excuse to go back to Oakfield! haha! We made a day of it, Angel, from Angel’s Weddings came along, as did my friend Michelle (who wanted to see the place, and see the ponies!)… and Peter came too (after much “are you sure? You really don’t have to” ‘s from me!)

The expo was smaller than I had expected (maybe I was remembering the expo at the dome from last year too much. There were a LOT of photographers! Which is the one thing we already have…!We also got to wander around the property a bit, have a look at the 2 chapels (the bigger chapel had some stalls in it) and we also got to see both of the bridal suites – which was nice – they are lovely!

We popped past their stables, to see the ponies, and Michelle had brought carrots especially for the ponies!! Oh wow, they are tiny and soooooooooo cute and friendly! A mare and a gelding, both chestnut with white blazes! Too cute for words!

- wish i could find a better photo online :(

We hung around to watch the fashion show (after having to sit thru an hour of awful panflute music played by a very enthusiastic guy!). The MC for the fashion show was quite awful tho. We were embarrassed for him! Shame.

Ooooh, the fashion show started with the first model/bride coming in on the horse drawn carriage!! The carriage was driven by the owner of Oakfield! The little ponies were soo good! No spooking, despite the lights, flashing cameras, screeching kids, squealing brides-to-be… they just trotted in, and trotted out… too cute!! (you can tell i’m a pony-lover right… this was the highlight of the expo for me!!)

The fashion show was cool – lots of pretty dresses (and a couple of trips by the models, haha, shame!).

Managed to get my hands on a bunch of flyers and brochures and stuff and the latest edition of the Oakfield magazine – just to go through all of it, and start getting a move on with the rest of the goodies! And I scored a pair of earrings from the Bride & Co. stand! yay :D

Thanks to Angel, Michelle and Peter for coming with me :D

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  1. Angel says:

    I had fun despite the pan flute overload!

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