Tea Party ~ Part two!

A few more photos from my Kitchen Tea this past Saturday 17 September 2011…


Some shots of the lovely decor


Check out the little flags and the hot pink coconut ice in the above photo!


The tablecloths were also part of my gift from Michelle – awesome!!

Pile of presents!


Then the guest all got given some little activities to complete… my favourite of which was a “Guess the Dress” type thing where everyone had to draw what they think my dress & accessories will look like! I LOVED LOVED LOVED this game :D and then I got to judge and pick a winner… here are a couple of the entries:


My mom on the left, and Heidi on the right (click image to enlarge)


Angel on the left and Saskia on the right (click image to enlarge)


and then, the winner of the competition… I chose the winner based on creativity, detail and she was one of the very few who had comprehensive notes about fabric, accessories, etc etc… Congrats to MEG who won the Dress Challenge :p (it also made me laugh!)


What fun! There was also another game that Michelle prepared with a few saying she pulled off my and Peter’s facbook and Twitter streams, and the guests had to guess who said it :) I couldn;t even guess all of them correctly :p Leanda won this game and also got a prize! :)


The last game was a little “story” to fill in the blanks – of well wishes and a look into our future… some were sweet, and some were funny :) Loved reading these :)

Thanks Michelle & Angel for the games and to everyone to being such good sports and playing along!


And then, it was present time!! Some pics of me opening my goodies!


The frame from my momma!


Acting like a lady with my teacup from Leandri


Don’t know what was so amusing about this…?


Lavender teacup from Angel


Showing off the lovely painting by my Cuz


Teacup from Saskia

Totally horrified by something or other! haha!


And then, my favourite photo of the day… present from Heidi :p


At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, thanks again to everyone :)


All photos courtesy of Angel!






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Tea Party! ~ part one!


It was my Bridal Shower this past weekend! A few people asked me if I had know about it, or if I was surprised… I did know about it… Michelle and I set the date ages ago, because my weekends are generally really hectic, and the past month or so, even more so, so I actually don’t have time to be surprised… If it had been a Surprise Party, I wouldn’t have made it :p


Michelle really outdid herself arranging, setting up and catering for this gorgeous Tea Party which was generously hosted at my lovely sister in law’s home. I was quite overwhelmed by all the ladies who came along and spoiled me :D

There was plenty of tea and juice, and very delicious treats… There were chocolate chip cookies, savoury muffins, cupcakes, chocolate cake, milktart, little sandwiches, marshmallows, coconut ice (which “accidentally” turned out white and cerise pink – rather than the traditional rose pink – but I thought it was awesome as it went with the bright pink theme! Everything was presented so beautifully on cake stands, and pretty flowery serviettes. There were little flags, and beautiful bunting, and ribbons, and flowers. And pretty table cloths and it was just so lovely!

HUGE thank to to Michelle and Helena for arranging it and setting it all up – it was beautiful!

and I got some lovely gifts too!! While packing them all away on monday morning, I took a few photos of some of the goodies!


Pile of prezzies!


Heidi bought me a GIANT teacup and saucer (it’s a plant pot!) which is going to have herbs planted in it! I got some new herbs just last week and haven’t planted them yet – so this gift was just perfect!


This lovely rosy teacup, saucer and cake plate is from Helena


The *cutest* set of 6 espresso cups with saucers from Caroline… when I opened it up, everyone went “aaaaaaaw!”


Some super soft sleepwear from Leandri

and also some pretty lingerie from Leandri too!


A set of four of the most beautiful delicate cups from Luna Porcelain from the Beagle Crowd – Carmel, Jane and Dilene

The little flowers look like they are made of icing! Really beautiful… AND they are microwave and dishwasher safe too!! *score*


A selection of muges from my Aunty Gail and cousin Trish… and the pink one in the middle is from Jacqui


Also from Jacqui – some pretty pink undies – LOVE the stripes!


Tanya and Claire bought a pair of peacock tea cups… love the peacock motif!


Michelle and Saskia got me the same tea cups in different colours! I have already used Michelle’s one (I got it on Friday already) and I feel like such a lady drinking out of these elegant cups!

The gold pattern around the edges is so pretty!


A lovely big photo frame from my mom – for wedding photos!


THREE (!!!) sets of linen from Peter’s mom… this one (photo of the packaging) being my absolute favourite set! Can’t wait to put it on the bed – I love new linen!


and then, last, but definitely not least… the most special gift of the day, and one of the most special gifts I have ever received, is this beautiful painting my cousin Trish painted me… she got the photo off one of my albums on Facebook. The photo was taken earlier this year at the stables when Twister and I did a little photoshoot!


I got lots of other lovely goodies too – but this post is already long enough… Michelle also arranged some fun games which were a laugh… I will do another post with that, and some other photos that Angel took!


Thank you to all the ladies who took the time out to spend the afternoon with me, and spoil me with lovely gifts!

Mom, Helena, Mrs van Staden, Aunty Gail, Trish, Caroline, Tanya R, Claire, Leandri, Tanya H, Meg, Saskia, Jane, Carmel, Leanda, Heidi, Angel and especially Michelle – Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon!! And even though Dilene and Jacqui weren’t able to be there on Saturday, thank you for sending a present and thinking of me :)


Stay tuned for Part Two of the Bridal Shower, with some more photos and a run down of the afternoon’s activities :)


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Photos from my Dress Fitting!

Went for a dress fitting today… Wow, I am loving it! Seeing it come together is so awesome!

I first went to see Marietjie in January (!!!) before having tried on any wedding dresses, and we came up with an idea, and I went along my way.

Then I tried on 5 – 10 dresses and pretty much totally changed my mind about what I liked and wanted… back to Marietjie and we came up with a better plan, and so it started! We are very very close to the end now! And the dress is so awesome I cannot begin to tell you!


Today, my mom and Michelle were at the fitting, and Michelle took some photos, I thought, maybe, just maybe dear readers, you would like to see…..?? :)


Here is a pic of Marieks fiddling around on the floor :p




And my mom and I watching her in the mirror



And then a pic of me looking down at what’s going on with the skirt of my dress…



Isn’t it gorgeous!! ;) Oh, are they not quite the kinds of photos you were hoping for?? Sorry! You will have to wait another 23 days to see a little more! :D


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Gone Wrong…

With just over 20 days to go, there have been a few things that have gone a bit wrong over the last 2 – 3 weeks….:

Firstly, we came across a guy who plays the guitar and sings and we both really liked him and asked if he does events and weddings etc, which he does. We decided to have him playing during the cocktail hour to entertain the guests while we do family photos etc. Gave him the date, time, venue etc… he quoted us and said cool. So we paid him, and sent him confirmation. At which point he realises 9 October is a SUNDAY and he doesn’t work on Sundays due to “religious reasons” *face.palm* He was very apologetic, and refunded the payment.

Then, we had an appointment to go and meet with one of our “suppliers” (don’t want to mention who) … we arrive 10 minutes before our 11am appointment and he is rushing out and had forgotten our appointment. *face.palm* No matter, we rescheduled for a week later, he was there, and everything went fine.

Lastly, we went to buy Peter’s suit last week… he tried on a few things, decided what he wanted, paid for it and left it at the shop so they could adjust the length of the pants. He went to fetch it a few days later and brought it home. He tried it on last night and he swears it is one size smaller than what he tried on and bought at the shop. *face.palm* So he went to exchange it today, and they don;t have one size bigger in the colour he wants. So they will try and get one, otherwise he will have to make another plan.


25 days to go… still lots that could go wrong! But hopefully nothing serious.

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Important NOTICE for the guests

Dear Wedding Guests,

A reminder of the info that is already on your invitations, but please take note…:

Please note that Oakfield Farm is a CASH FREE venue… Only credit cards and debit cards will be accepted as payment for drinks… please remember to bring your “plastic money”!


Also, here is a map to Oakfield Farm, it is printed on the invites too though!

Click to enlarge!

The ceremony will be held in the chapel, and the reception will follow at The Summerhouse.


We are looking forward to having you share our wedding day with us, in just a few weeks time!

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Introducing……. The MC!

Not an official member of the “Bridal Party” as such – but still an important member at the wedding is the MC – or Master of Ceremonies… we will be having a Mistress of Ceremonies? A Madam of Ceremonies…? Ah, what the heck, HEIDI, aka The Goose will be holding down the fort!


Heidi lives in a purple house in Midrand (not purple by choice!)  with her ginger, Shaun, and 2 cats, 1 dragon and an emo chameleon. We asked Heidi a few questions for you to get to know her…:


1.) Describe yourself in less than 140 characters: Crazy, geeky goose. Fixated with Gingers and midgets, work too hard but love what I do. Have actually talked the hind leg off a Donkey… poor donkey.

2.) How long have you known Peter and Tanya? I met Tanya on the 1st day of College in 2002. We were in a body-painting group together (long story)
I met Peter after they had been dating for a few months. Actually, I introduced them, as Peter and I are childhood friends (also a long, fictional, story)

3.) Do you have an early memory of them that you could share? Their flat in Bedfordview, I remember it being right next to the highway, in the shadow of a giant Cell C billboard. They bred finches. It was very odd.

4.) Your favourite:

- Colour? Teal

- Food? Pasta. I could eat pasta every day, especially when Tanya & Peter make it from scratch!

- Band? Um, does Eminem count as a band?

- Book? Wow, that’s a hard one. I’d have to say Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

5.) Do you believe in aliens? What do you mean believe? Some of my family members are aliens! That’s the only way to explain their behaviour.

6.) What is the last book you read? The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It was boring.

7.) If we looked in your fridge, what would we find? My diet Serv’d Fresh meals, a thousand sauces and one lonely egg.

8.) Do you sleep with socks on? In winter, yes. Pink stripy socks with a bunny stitched on the side, they’re very grown-up.

The previous two posts in the “Introducing………” series featured Wayne: The Best Man, and Michelle: The Bridesmaid.

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