Another Crazy Dream

Wow, another crazy dream a few nights ago! (first one here)

Last week I dreamt that my hair was really really irritating me so much that I asked my mom to cut it all off… which she did. Short short – like a pixie cut. I loved it until I realised that the wedding is FIVE WEEKS AWAY and it will never grow back in time! I actually woke up in a panic feeling for my hair! LOL


I believe pre-wedding dreams and nightmares are really common – I’d love to hear some of the crazy ones you have had…


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Introducing……. The Bridesmaid!

Next up in our “Introducing…..” series, is Tanya’s bridesmaid, MICHELLE.



Michelle stays in Pretoria with her boyfriend and their little black kitty. Michelle is also the Official Stationery Designer for the wedding! We asked Michelle a few questions for you to get to know her…:


1.) Describe yourself in less than 140 characters: Freelance graphic designer, completely horse obsessed, lover of animals, brownish hair, blue eyes, short nails.

2.) How long have you known Peter and Tanya? Since college.

3.) Do you have an early memory of them that you could share? Just that they were introduced by Peter’s best friend Heidi or so the legend goes ;)

4.) Your favourite:

- Colour? Turquoise

- Food? Chocolate

- Band? Vampire Weekend

- Book? Love to many to have a favorite :)

5.) Do you believe in aliens? Hells Yes!

6.) What is the last book you read? The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern by Lilian Jackson Braun.

7.) If we looked in your fridge, what would we find? Not much, its the end of the month but some yoghurt, tomato sauce and eggs maybe.

8.) Do you sleep with socks on? I try but I usually kick them off half way through the night :)


Stay tuned for more instalments in the “Introducing……….” series!

The previous post in the “Introducing……” series introduced The Best Man… read it here, and stay tuned for the next post!


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Crazy Dream!

The other night I had the strangest Wedding related dream!!

I dreamt it was the day of the wedding (which btw is in less than 40 days!!) and my bridesmaid was none other than Ariel from The Little Mermaid!! Crazy hey! And to make it even more bizarre, she was wearing Belle’s dress (Belle from Beauty and the Beast) … no idea where my sleeping brain came up with that crazy!



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Introducing……. The Best Man!

Thought it would be a good idea to introduce our Bridal Party to you guys :)

So, to kick it off, here is Peter’s Best Man, WAYNE!

Wayne lives in Wales with his wife, Ros and 2 children, Seren and Sebastian. We asked Wayne a few questions for you to get to know him…:


1.) Describe yourself in less than 140 characters: 5’11. 84kgs. Green eyes. Husband to Ros. Father to Seren and Sebastian. Work = Risk Management. Play = Xbox. Passion = Geek!

2.) How long have you known Peter and Tanya? I’ve known Peter since highschool, and Tanya since our SA visit in 2004.

3.) Do you have an early memory of them that you could share? We all went for a meal at Gold Reef Casino, and played the arcade games afterwards instead of gambling!

4.) Your favourite:

- Colour? Blue

- Food? Ribs

- Band? Arcade Fire

- Book? The Life of Pi

5.) Do you believe in aliens? I don’t think we know very much about everything!

6.) What is the last book you read? The Life of Pi (I don’t read much – it’s the only book I’ve ever read twice!)

7.) If we looked in your fridge, what would we find? Coffee Beans, lots of milk, fresh apple juice, kids yoghurts, loads of condiments and sauces … and probably left over takeout!

8.) Do you sleep with socks on? What?! Who does that! Why would anyone sleep with socks on?! Weirdo!


Stay tuned for more instalments in the “Introducing……….” series!

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Fill in the blanks!

One of the most exciting parts about the wedding for me, is The Dress! (I went to try on dresses at Bride & Co and Morgan & Brown, and to be perfectly honest I wasn’t very impressed with either, but that aside!).

The exciting news is that I am having my dress made! It really makes you feel like a princess knowing that your dress is a one of a kind tailor made for you thing! I’ve been for a couple of fittings, and I am so excited, I can’t wait for the next one!

So, I thought it might be fun to have a little game about the dress! Only 2 people (other than me) know what the dress is going to look like!

So, fill in the blanks and let me know what YOU think! I’d love for you to leave your guesses in the comments section! :)


(PS The number of dots is NOT indicative of the number of letters in the word)

The dress is  (1)………… coloured and made of (2)…………

It is going to be (3)………… with (4)………… on the bodice and a sprinkling of (5)…………

The (6)………… is a gorgeous (7)………… (8)………… which will be echoed in the (9)………… (10)…………too!


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Hooray! I can finally post photos of the invites as 99% of them have been handed out and posted! :)

All the stationery design for the wedding is being done by Michelle from Evergreen Design and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!


At the very beginning of the year, we sent out our Save the Dates… they are little fridge magnets that came in brightly coloured envelopes.

When it was time to start putting the invites together, I searched online for a few very basic ideas of what I liked (clean, simple, modern, bright, happy) and didn’t like (cream, gold, “bridal”, swirly scripty fonts, fancy schmancy wording) and sent it to Michelle who put some other ideas together and off we went to Paper Cafe in Rosebank in search of the envelopes. I pretty much instantly fell in love with the DL sized bougainvillea coloured envelopes with 3 little square windows. We got a sample, and Michelle set to work making up a mockup for me. We had also been searching for pretty ribbon and beads a few weeks before, and we had samples of those too. Michelle seemed to know EXACTLY what I wanted, even though I didn’t have too much of a vision!


The first draft was beautiful and after a few minor changes I sent them off to print, went to collect my order of envelopes and bought metres and metres and metres of ribbon. (Ended up having to have 3 different kinds of ribbons as there was never enough of the one I originally wanted!)


Then I started assembling the invites and measuring and cutting the ribbon.

Each invite consists of:

  • Envelope
  • Outside Ribbon
  • Outside sleeve with the guests name/s
  • 3 sections inside tied with:
  • a ribbon and a bead
  • with a sticker on the back to hold it all in place.


The ribbons cut and measured hanging and waiting to be used:

My box of tricks: envelopes, all parts of the printed invites, roll of heart stickers, pliers, beads, double sided tape, scissors etc etc…

Each sleeve had to be folded and stuck together and slid onto the envelope, along with a carefully measured piece of ribbon (which is either stuck with double sided tape or stapled to hold it in place – not all the ribbon stuck with double sided tape, which was a bit frustrating!)…

Part 1, 2 and 3 of the actual invitation tied up with a ribbon and a bead, ready to be slipped into the envelope…

Bow & bead detail

You’d be surprised at how many bead and craft shops we searched for this little “leaf” bead…!

I originally wanted a little birdy bead, but that proved totally impossible, so the next best thing was either a leaf, or a heart… and this little leaf is the same shape is the birdies on the invites, so it’s perfect, don;t you think?


The back of the invite (part 1, 2 and 3) tied up with ribbon and secured with a little white heart sticker (which is the same sticker used to seal the Save the Date envelopes at the beginning of the year!)

I made the stickers in a friend of a friend’s very fancy scrap booking room!! Thank you SO much Carmel and Cheryl!!


Yip, that little heart sticker was handmade by me!! With a heart shaped punch, I punched out loads of little hearts from white cardboard, and then used this “sticky paper” and a little machine to roll the papers through and turn them into stickers! It was so much fun!


Here is the actual artwork invite part (it is part 2 of the 3 sections)


So, once the 3 parts of the invites were secured with ribbon, leaf bead and handmade heart sticker, they were slipped into the prepared envelopes…:


and safely boxed up waiting to be delivered!

I just LOVE them! They are bright and fresh and clean. They are modern and different, but still small, flat and simple enough to fit in an envelope to post.

The pattern is summery and happy! The fonts are pretty and modern.

I think they are by far the nicest wedding invites I have ever seen :p


Huge thank you to Michelle for her excellent work on the invites, and for traipsing with me searching for the “perfect bead”!

I love them, don’t you!?


They say that the invitations set the tone for the wedding, and I think these totally do!!

A lot of people I have given invites to already have commented on how beautiful, different and “happy” they are… which makes me happy! Mission Accomplished!





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