Patterns and themes

Been browsing for a pattern to carry through as a theme…
these are a few of my favourites (just the pattern, colours will of course change!)

I have a favourite and have made my choice… Peter even had a look, acted interested and agreed!!

so… we’re going with:

I like the birdies – i think we can use them nicely on other stationery as well.


They are all from iStockphoto.com

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Colour Scheme

I saw a colour scheme for a wedding on Top Billing (of all things) years and years and years ago and i instantly fell in love with it. I thought “If I ever get married, these are totally gonna be my colours!”

No, I am not telling what it is ;)

But here is a list of 4 possible colour combinations… which do you think it is…??


In alphabetical order:

1- Gold and Cobalt Blue


2 -Pink and Lime Green

3 – Pink and Orange

4 – Turquoise and Silver

I’m really interested to see what you think the colours are – so please leave your comments!! (as far as I know, only Peter and Michelle know what the colours are! – and chances are, Peter has forgotten ;) )

PS i created these colour inspiration boards from this site

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A Date

So, we need to set a date, right??

Well – we know what month and year we want :) and what day of the week! We just need to finalise a date.

We’ve narrowed it down to two possible options.

Either the 9th or the 16th…

what do you think?? Please leave your comments :D

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Our first visit to Venues

On Friday we went to visit Venues for the first time.
We went to:
**  Everwood
**  Oakfield Farm
**  Waterfall Cove
… in that order.

Upon arrival at Everwood, the lady asked who I was and if I had an appointment with her… she obviously didn’t put our appointment in her diary… grrrr – i was already a bit annoyed about that! Anyway, she took us to see the chapel & reception hall – they were preparing for a wedding later that day.
The chapel is very nice – open sides and the front is a huge window looking out over hills and stuff. very pretty.

the reception hall is also quite nice – the entire ceiling is draped in white – lots of fairy lights. There is a balcony just off the hall which is also quite nice.

The gardens are very pretty. They have a little cottage ruin that they say is very famous and makes gorgeous photos (looked a little kitsch to me, to be brutally honest ;) Theres a lovely big tree with a long swing hanging from one of the high branches, which i think would make nicer photos ;)

We took a walk around the gardens and left after about 20 minutes.

Next was Oakfield. I’ve heard this place is lovely and i’ve also heard it is damn expensive… I really just wanted to go there to assure myself that it can’t be so amazing to justify the crazy prices i’ve heard.
The gardens are STUNNING! We arrived (almost an hour early!!) and were offered tea or coffee. We went on a very informative and comprehensive tour of the chapel and reception and gardens.

The chapel is very similar to Everwood – open air style. Wooden benches etc.

The reception area is also quite open with glass doors/walls… giving the feeling of being outside

Once back in the offices, the owner had a long chat with us about a million different things. He’s obviously VERY passionate about his job. Then we went and sat with one of the co-ordinators and had a long chat about pretty much everything wedding related. She gave us a whole bunch of different quotes to show us how prices differ depending on when you choose to get married etc. TBH the quote that suited us the most isn’t that much more than other places. yes, it is slightly more, but it looks like you get fabulous service! And it includes some things that other venues don’t include (eg honeymoon suite, horse carriage, doves, etc – and you can remove these things and replace with something else if you wish.

We spent about an hour and a half there!!

Next we went off to Waterfall Cove – which was near impossible to find. Their website doesn’t give an address or GPS co-ords, just a map… which was a bit tricky, to say the least!
Anyway, we arrived, and had a quick look at the reception hall and the bridal suite and the chapel. This place sounded awesome on their site, but actually, kinda gave me the creeps when we were there. It is so sparse and bare, it looks like a factory building. I didnt take any pics and we hightailed it out of there as quickly as we could.

A few days before we visited these places, we had dinner with Angel, of Angel’s Weddings – and she said that when we found the right venue, we would just know. We’d get a feeling and just know. I just smiled and nodded at Angel thinking she was a nutter. Honestly, I’ve never “felt a feeling” with anything before… not when we walked into our house the first time, not when I met Peter – or anything like that… i’m not really a “feeling-y” kinda person. So I really didn’t expect to feel any feelings at any venues we saw.
BUT I was proved wrong :p

Now we wait and see what our finances hold!

stay tuned!

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We’re getting married!

So, here it is!

We have our own Wedding Blog!! A place for us to keep track of ideas we have, or place we see on our journey to planning our wedding.

Yes, we have been engaged for almost a year now, and haven’t made much any progress in the whole wedding plan thing.

No, we have not set a date as yet… we have a vague idea of timeframe – but nothing concrete yet.

Let’s see how this blog goes :)

if you have any suggestions or links/things/places you think we should check out, please let us know, ok?

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