Some photos by the amazingly talented Jeanette Verster and Alana Meyer from our beautiful wedding! Thank you ladies for your immense talent – i am blown away!   First look photos… i snuck up behind Peter… was my most favourite part of the day – seeing each other for the first time, all ready to […]

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Photos from my Dress Fitting!

Went for a dress fitting today… Wow, I am loving it! Seeing it come together is so awesome! I first went to see Marietjie in January (!!!) before having tried on any wedding dresses, and we came up with an idea, and I went along my way. Then I tried on 5 – 10 dresses […]

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The Royal Wedding

So, I watched the Royal Wedding yesterday…   I think the dress was quite lovely… it was really very simple and elegant… not over the top, like a lot of people expected. It’s the kind of dress that *normal* people would even wear! Not the kind of thing *I* would wear though – i’m not […]

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Trying on more dresses

Yesterday, my mom and I went to Morgan & Brown in Lonehill to have a look and try on some more dresses. First off, we were both blown away by how tiny the shop is!! It is quite ridiculous! Especially after visiting Bride and Co a few weeks ago which was MASSIVE! Anyway, we had […]

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So, I went to try on dresses

On Tuesday I went to try on wedding dresses, with my friend (and “wedding person”) Michelle as moral support I had an appointment with Lerato at Bride&Co in Pretoria. Got there, and filled in a form with all my details… Michelle and I both had a giggle at Lerato’s most insincere “Congratulations on your engagement” […]

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How Cute!?

How cute is this wedding dress! Found it on Flicker (Click here to see the rest of the photoshoot) Love the unexpected bright coloured petticoat! Love love love it!

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