Ante Nuptials explained

Last week we went for our first consultation with our lawyer to start drawing up our Ante Nuptial Contract…   It was a very quick and painless experience, and she explained everything to us in very simple English. An ANC is not just for in case of a divorce, it is very important to have […]

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20 Details every Bride Forgets (from The Knot)

Another interesting article from The Wedding Channel, that I want to save here Be sure to check out their original article here Remembering a pretty hanger for your dress Telling family about reserved seating Packing your cell phone charger Packing a wedding night bag Changing your name (if that’s the plan!) Bringing extra cash Getting […]

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Guest List Version 1.0

We’ve set up our first draft of the guest list. We have decided on 70-80 guests (as the venue we are 99% going with only accomodates up to 90 people, and we don’t want it at full capacity). photo credit 80 guests is not a helluva lot – 40 couples, 20 couples each. Less bride […]

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Patterns and themes

Been browsing for a pattern to carry through as a theme… these are a few of my favourites (just the pattern, colours will of course change!) I have a favourite and have made my choice… Peter even had a look, acted interested and agreed!! so… we’re going with: I like the birdies – i think […]

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A Date

So, we need to set a date, right?? Well – we know what month and year we want and what day of the week! We just need to finalise a date. We’ve narrowed it down to two possible options. Either the 9th or the 16th… what do you think?? Please leave your comments

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Our first visit to Venues

On Friday we went to visit Venues for the first time. We went to: **  Everwood **  Oakfield Farm **  Waterfall Cove … in that order. Upon arrival at Everwood, the lady asked who I was and if I had an appointment with her… she obviously didn’t put our appointment in her diary… grrrr – […]

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